Enhance your educational experience through studying abroad.

"Both times that I studied abroad were eye-opening and made me more conscious of what it means to be a citizen of the world. Learning languages abroad also helped me develop newfound confidence in myself, for which I am deeply grateful."

Alex Braslavsksy CC'17

"My primary motivation for embarking on a semester abroad was to experience something different, which is the same motivation that pushed me to attend college out of state."

Willa Brenneis SEAS'21

Not only did the class expand my academic faculties as an art historian, it also gave me the opportunity to practice my German language skills, as the class was instructed exclusively in German.

Eddie Baker, CC'20

It feels good, and gives me confidence in myself, to know that I can move to another city, country, and continent and make a life for myself there in just four months.

Lucy Zorzano Barnard '20

"I’ve always enjoyed traveling, but studying abroad gave me the chance to really become a part of a foreign culture and ultimately see life from a different perspective. I wholeheartedly recommend it."

Kristen Wang SEAS'18

"As a political science major, my understanding of political systems is from a US perspective. Immersing myself in a place with different norms helped me to appreciate the importance of history and cultural particularity in approaching questions of governance."

Isaiah Feldman-Schwartz CC'18

As we strive to engineer for humanity, we must remember that technologies we build don’t exist in vacuums. They have an outsized impact on users often out of sight and often out of mind. An empathy of people both from and beyond our lived experiences is a necessity in our increasingly interconnected world. Sometimes, all it takes is a new river to start seeing things with a new view.

Aurnov Chattopadhyay SEAS'21

Returning to Paris from Cannes, I was distinctly aware that I would never have another experience like this one. Truth be told, my entire time spent at Reid Hall was full of adventures as extraordinary as this one, full of people and places that changed me for the better.

Hampton Adams BC'18

Study abroad provided me with the mechanism to not only enrich my language learning experience, and my understanding of the world, but also to rediscover some of the hidden beauty in everyday life.

William Scott GS'20

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