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"Taking two field-based research courses, my days were spent not in a classroom but instead throughout the floating city’s various islands. Outside of classes, we were immersed in Italian culture from the delicious cuisine to the various customs of daily life."

Jess Swanson CC'17

My time in Paris was a truly incredible, once-in-a-lifetime experience. I was able to take classes that seamlessly transferred to the Core curriculum and towards my degree, while making close friends and living my best Parisian life. I really believe that every student should do a study abroad program, to continue to push themselves out of their comfort zones and into new areas of interest. Overall, I’ll look back on those months in Paris as the best decision I could have made at Columbia.

Megan Howard GS'20

"...beyond the obvious benefits of historical learning and art and curatorial practice, the program allowed me to broaden my own worldview of both foreign and familiar spaces."

Lilly Cao CC'22

"I was searching for ways to connect what I was studying in classrooms on campus with lived experiences and intersecting identities at the global scale."

Rowan Gossett CC'20

"I was worried about my study abroad options coming into Columbia because my major involves dead languages, but I have been able to go abroad and enrich both my own personal life and my academic one as well."

Paula Gaither CC'17

It is clear to me that this program has changed the course of my personal and professional life, not to mention fulfilling the tall order of being the best summer I have ever had.

Ava Goldwyn CC'21

"Crucially, my time in Venice reaffirmed that art history was what I wanted to pursue as a major."

Alex Foo GS'21

Alone in London for four months, I was able to enmesh myself in different cultures...

Monica Gu CC'20

Now, in hindsight, I see that the BCGS program’s impact went far beyond improving my German language ability; the program concretely shaped my career trajectory in ways that I had not anticipated at the time.

Ben Van Zee Swarthmore '11

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