Natalie Davis-Porada CC’19

¡Hola! I’m Natalie, a senior in Columbia College studying English and Hispanic Studies. Last semester (Junior Spring) I studied abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina with the IFSA Butler: Argentine Universities Program. While there, I lived with a host mom and her two cats, in a cozy apartment in a charming working-class neighborhood. She taught me how to hop on and off the “colectivo” (the swift-moving public bus) like a pro and the best places to get street empanadas. I took classes at the local public university, La Universidad de Buenos Aires, where I studied diverse topics such as the anthropology of education and Argentine literature. I also did an internship—spending one day a week at a publishing house where I translated a children’s novel and got to hang out with many young writers, publishers, and artists. When not in school or sharing a breakfast of dulce-de-leche with my host mom, my friends from the program and I spent time exploring other neighborhoods within the city—museums, cafes, and shops—as well as traveling to other provinces within the country. I even travelled down to Patagonia and spent a week off the grid becoming one with nature! Spending a semester in Argentina gave me so much insight into the culture, lifestyle, language, and quirks of the country; all of which I have brought back and have worked into my everyday life here at Columbia.