Natachi Mez CC’19

Hej! I’m Natachi, a senior in Columbia College studying Computer Science. In the spring of my junior semester, I studied abroad in Copenhagen Denmark with DIS, and my world grew. I explored digital storytelling in my Game Development as well as Podcast Production course, and also took courses exploring Danish culture and global migration. I lived with a homestay family, and enriched my understanding of Danish culture in the home. I made intimate connections in the dance, poetry, and music communities, and formed lasting bonds with the emerging women of color community in Copenhagen. From collective writing sessions, biking around the city, sharing iftar with my Muslim friends during Ramadan, and celebrating my 21st birthday with new friends, the connections I made while abroad will persist long after I graduate college. In Copenhagen, my understanding of my Nigerian American identity was challenged and deepened as I interacted with diverse national and ethnic cultures. I developed a deeper desire for global learning, travel, and community building, and felt assured in my ability to connect through my practice of poetry and dance. Studying abroad is a dynamic experience that has altered the trajectory of my goals, and if you have any questions about my experience and how you can begin your abroad journey, don’t hesitate to let me know!