Shanga Labossiere CC’19

Hello! I’m a senior in Columbia College, majoring in Creative Writing, focusing specifically on Poetry. This past spring semester, I studied abroad at Reid Hall in Paris, France. I absolutely loved my (way too short) time out there. Though I was extremely hesitant about applying and committing to going abroad, it turned out to be such a transformative period that I am truly grateful for. I lived with a host mom and dad, who were very accommodating and helped me feel much at home. While I took great Columbia courses such as Art Humanities and Black Paris, I also had the opportunity to take a class at Paris VII, on the study of performative poetry and the ways in which it manifests globally. Last, and certainly not least, I became more devoted to my poetry—through writing and reading more frequently, and engaging with the welcoming open mic community in Paris—and I also became more devoted to myself. I got to explore different aspects of my identity and investigate methods of wellness in ways that I hadn’t been able to while being in NYC. I am more than happy to answer any questions regarding the study abroad experience; feel free to reach out!