Isa de la Torre CC’20

Hi! My name is Isa and I’m a junior in Columbia College, studying neuroscience on the pre-med track. This past summer, I studied abroad in Berlin, Germany through Columbia’s Art and Music Humanities Program. I stayed and studied with other Columbia students in Kreuzberg, an electric and hip neighborhood in Berlin with everything from cute cafes and fashionable boutiques to underground concert spaces and street fairs. The program enabled us to participate in multiple immersive educational experiences, from regularly holding art hum classes in museums to attending concerts and operas that connected with the material we were learning in music hum. We even went on several excursions around Germany, visiting places like Dresden, with its incredible Gemäldegalerie and Green Vault; Meissen, home of a German Gothic cathedral; and Leipzig, the German “city of music.” In my spare time I’d explore Berlin, searching for the best street kebab, taking advantage of the vibrant nightlife, and learning more about the city’s rich and complicated history and culture. If you have any questions about the art and music humanities program, Berlin, or studying abroad as a STEM/pre-med student, please feel free to contact me!