Isaiah Fisher CC’19

Hallo! My name is Isaiah, and I’m a senior in Columbia College studying German literature and cultural history. I grew up in South Jersey, near Philadelphia, so I’ve spent most of my life in or around NJ and NY, but I decided to spend my entire junior year studying abroad at the Free University of Berlin in Berlin, Germany as part of the Berlin Consortium for German Studies. Adapting to a completely new academic and life environment in Berlin was about the most challenging and rewarding experience I’ve had in my life so far. For my studies, the time I spend in Berlin couldn’t have been more valuable. But the most impactful part of my experience was really the personal growth that came out of the degree of independence I had in Berlin, which I had never experienced in my life up to that point, not even at Columbia. I’m really excited to be able to share some of that experience as a peer adviser in OGP.