Oscar Garcia CC’21

こんにちは!I’m Oscar Garcia, an intended Computer Science major in Columbia College. I spent the summer following my freshman year in Kyoto, Japan through the Kyoto Consortium of Japanese Studies (KCJS). I spent two months there studying Japanese, participating in cultural activities organized by KCJS and exploring various parts of Kyoto and Kansai. Aside from the many cultural activities made available through the program, one of the best parts of studying in Japan was being able to explore a foreign country freely; Kyoto is a unique place such that from one of the busiest bus stops in downtown, you are one bus ride away from renown shrines and temples and a few train transfers from places like Osaka and Uji. I also enjoyed day to day student life in Japan; going to karaoke with Japanese students and dropping by the arcade with friends before going back to my homestay were fun, normal activities done after class. Looking back on my summer, the combination of intensive Japanese study and everyday life in Japan broadened my understanding of Japanese language, history and culture. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me by email!