Katherine Hacthoun CC’19

¡Asere! ¿Que bolá? What’s good? My name is Katherine and I’m from Poughkeepsie, New York! I’m a senior in Columbia College, studying Political Science and Human Rights specifically focusing in Latin America and the Middle East with a boatload of different human rights interests. I’ve been studying abroad through OGP and CCE since my freshman year, firstly being a Presidential Global Fellow and taking part in the MENA program, then taking part in the CEO program and working in Jordan the following summer, and this past spring I studied at Casa de Las Americas in Havana, Cuba. Throughout the CASA program, which I found to be thoughtfully and consciously structured, we were submerged into different facets of Cuba.

While we were highly involved in and incorporated into Cuban and international academic circles at Casa de las Américas and la Universidad de la Habana, there were countless opportunities to delve into the Cuban popular and underground music and art world, investigate personal topics of interests throughout Havana and the country of Cuba, and have opportunities to travel with and without the program pretty much constantly! While I had been planning on going to Cuba since I was little to meet my family who live there and bring back memories and stories, I am so glad that I did within the context of this program. I was given incredible academic opportunities to

further personal research interests, further context to my own and others politics surrounding Cuban and Cuban-American identity in response to different eras of Cuban diaspora, and opportunities to find and build support networks among fellow students in my cohort and with the directors of the program. CASA is a phenomenal study abroad program and strives to improve upon pre-conceived notions of what it is to study abroad and be abroad. If you have any questions about CASA, Cuba, other programs I’ve mentioned, or anything at all: feel free to hit me up!