Jaxon Williams-Bellamy CC’21

Bonjour! I am a sophomore in Columbia College majoring in Economics-Political Science and over the summer I spent six weeks in Paris, France studying Art Humanities and Music Humanities. Paris offered an extremely unique and valuable way to study the history of Western art and music because the city was so saturated with artifacts of that history. In fact, the dormitory was across the street from le Jardin du Luxembourg. Furthermore, the food scene in Paris is impeccable. From street vendor crêpes in the Latin Quarter to foie gras (believe it or not, an illegal dish in my home state of California) on Avenue Montaigne, you can’t go wrong in Paris. And with the summer sales going on, the fashion capital of the world is ripe for a shopping spree! Paris was an opportunity for me to study something way outside of my major, but I also got to study—and fall in love with—France, so much so that I started taking French this semester! If you have any interest in the program or Paris or study abroad in general, please reach out! You can contact me at jnw2128@columbia.edu. Au revoir et à bientôt!