LeeAnn Choy CC’21

你好!I’m LeeAnn, a second-year in Columbia College intending to major in Economics and concentrate in East Asian Studies. This past summer, I spent two months studying abroad in Beijing, China learning Chinese. Being situated right in the heart of China, there was no better place to improve my language skills. While staying at Peking University, everything was conveniently within reach, whether it be classrooms, dining halls, or recreational places. I believe that the most effective resource that improved my Chinese the most was the number of teachers available to have one-on-one daily conversations with. These teachers were really willing to work with me on refining skills that I felt that I had trouble with. Not only helping me with my Chinese, they also recommended things to see and do all around Beijing. From going out with classmates to karaoke to chilling out at local parks, Beijing is filled with things to do! Even then, during our one-week break, my classmates and I traveled to Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Huangshan (the Yellow Mountain) for an unforgettable experience, seeing China’s sights and utilizing the skills we learned in the classroom. If you have any questions or would just like to chat, feel free to email me!