Seth Farkas, CC'17

Building in St. Petersburg

Bard in St. Petersburg with Smolny College

Language of Instruction: Russian
St. Petersburg,
Term: Academic Year, Spring, Fall

Study Russian intensively for a semester in St. Petersburg

The next application deadline is Oct 1, 2020
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Attend The Bard-Smolny Program at St. Petersburg State University, which is a supported direct enrollment program offered during the fall, spring, and academic year. Note that you must have completed four semesters of Russian prior to departure. Smolny College is the only program in Russia to offer visiting North American students a broad range of liberal arts courses along with Russian as a Second Language (RSL). Homestays or dorms are available.

Academic Programs

The purpose of the Bard-Smolny Study Abroad Program is to provide you and other North American students with a rigorous and rewarding academic, linguistic, and cultural experience that will advance your level of competency in the Russian language and give a unique opportunity to take a diverse set of courses in the liberal arts. Strictly speaking, Smolny is not a "study abroad program." It is a four-year college with a diverse curriculum, faculty, and student body. Smolny's unique character allows you to be immersed in classes with Russian students. You can take Russian as well as other academic courses in the social sciences, humanities and fine arts. All coursework should be completed in Russian.

Program Features

Since the program is housed in a college, it also creates innumerable opportunities for cross-cultural exchange and dialogue. You, as well as others from North America, have the opportunity to sit side-by-side with Russian students in the classroom, participate in student clubs, organizations, and volunteer opportunities with fellow Smolny classmates, and interact directly with the permanent faculty of Smolny College.

You have the option to live in either homestays or dormitories to further integrate into St. Petersburg.


Review eligibility to ensure that you meet all Columbia requirements to study abroad.

Review the external program webpage to understand any additional program prerequisites. Note the program language requirements.

Application Instructions

To apply, you must complete the two steps below. Deadlines vary and some applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Therefore, you should complete the steps below simultaneously:

  • To apply for Columbia clearance (approval) to study abroad, click on "Start Your Application" on this webpage. Clearance applications are approved on a rolling basis until the application deadline listed on this webpage.
  • To apply for program admission, complete an external application directly on the program webpage. Note that this deadline may be in advance of the Columbia clearance deadline.

Fact Sheet

Humanities, Social Sciences
Columbia College, Columbia Engineering, Columbia General Studies
Language of Instruction:
Language Requirement:
4 semesters of language, or equivalent (Intermediate sequence)
St. Petersburg,
Academic Year, Spring, Fall

Dates & Deadlines

Application Deadline: 
Monday, March 9, 2020
Academic Year
Application Deadline: 
Monday, March 9, 2020
Application Deadline: 
Thursday, October 1, 2020