Summer 2021 Withdrawal and Refund Policy

This policy applies to a student who has confirmed participation in a program offered through Undergraduate Global Engagement (UGE).

In this case, withdrawal is defined as dropping all courses required by the program. In programs where more than 1 course is required, as long as a student is still registered for at least 1 course, a student is not considered withdrawn from a program and this policy does not apply.

How to Withdraw:

Any student in good academic and disciplinary standing may withdraw from a program at any time. Students who are dismissed from the program will not receive a refund.

Prior to the program start date:

Students wishing to withdraw from the program must notify their UGE adviser in writing.

After the program has started:

Students wishing to withdraw from the program must notify their UGE adviser and the Summer Program Director in writing. Failure to attend classes or notification to individual course instructors who are not the Summer Program Director does not constitute formal withdrawal and will result in failing grades in all courses. Any adjustment of the tuition that the student has paid is calculated from the date on which the student's written notification is received by the relevant parties.

Fees and Refund Process:

Only tuition is refunded unless it is funded by a program scholarship. No other fees charged for applying and participating in the program are refunded, either in full or in part.

All students who withdraw after registration will also be charged a $75 withdrawal fee in addition to the loss of any deposits and other fees paid.

Tuition refunds will be applied to the Columbia student account. If there is a balance due to Columbia, refunds will not be processed until the account is paid in full.

*Tuition Refund Schedule

Prior to the start date of the program

100% refund of tuition minus $1000 deposit

During the first week of the program

50% refund of the tuition

After the first week of the program

No refund

*Summer 2021 Withdrawal and Refund Policy is subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees and may change.