Summer 2019 Costs for Columbia Summer in Paris

COSTS BILLED TO COLUMBIA ACCOUNT6 points7 points9 points10 points
Total billed to Columbia account$8,400*$9,800*$12,600*$14,000*

Tuition and fees are subject to approval by the Trustees of Columbia University and may change.

Tuition: The program invoice will be sent via e-bill on May 28, 2019 and will be due on June 13, 2019. It covers tuition, course materials and costs related to required excursions. It does not cover housing, meals, airfare, medical insurance, personal travel, or personal expenses.

*Document (transcript) Fee: This one-time fee of $105 is charged to new students and is not included in the tuition above.This fee will be included on your e-bill. Barnard students might be charged this fee if they haven’t taken a course at Columbia before.

Estimated Out-of-Pocket Expenses are not billed by Columbia. The estimated amounts in this section provide a basis for students to determine their individual budgets for expenses related to their time overseas for the duration of the program. The below estimate is an average of what students say they actually spend. These expenses are NOT paid to the program. Note that all on-site expenses are estimated in dollars based on an exchange rate of 1 euro = 1.15 USD.

HousingRange: $1,472 -$2,208


Local Transportation$175
Visa Expenses$0
Books and Course Materials$50
Cell phone$80
Personal Expenses$1,000
Total Estimated Out-of-Pocket Expenses$5,152 - $5,888

Housing: The cost of housing, which is paid directly to Host Families in Paris for all program housing options, depends on the option you choose. The costs below are for the duration of the program. You will have the choice of the following:

You are billed by Host Families in Paris for all program housing separately from your tuition. Your bill will include a deposit (250€-920€), refundable at the end of the program if there is no damage) and a handling fee of about $60, in addition to any fees your bank charges to transfer money. Please note that if you are opting out of program housing, you will need to pay an administrative fee of approximately 35€ once you arrive in Paris. This is to cover the administrative processing for your mandatory housing insurance.

Meals: The cost for meals and food will vary widely depending on individual spending habits. Costs can be kept down by preparing your own meals and only eating out occasionally. If you are living in a homestay, the estimate for meals can be reduced.

Local Transportation: It is recommended that you purchase a Navigo pass (75.20€) for each month of the program. Students also choose to walk most places or use the bike share program. Students will be responsible for paying for transportation to and from the airport in Paris at the start and end of the program.

Books and course supplies: These will vary depending on both the courses you take and your own past coursework.

Cellphone: All students are required to have a working cellphone capable of making and receiving both local and international calls throughout the duration of the program. The cost above is based on U.S. cellphone plans.

Airfare: Estimated cost of round-trip airfare from NYC to Paris. Students are responsible for making their own travel arrangements from their preferred departure city to the program.

Personal Expenses: Personal expenses are highly variable based on each person's spending habits. They may include entertainment and personal travel.

It is required that you maintain a health insurance policy that will also provide coverage outside the U.S. for routine, urgent and emergent care. This cost is not included in our estimates.