Summer 2022 Costs for the Columba in Venice

COSTS BILLED TO COLUMBIA ACCOUNTNon-Columbia StudentsColumbia Students Non-Columbia StudentsColumbia Students
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**Document (Transcript) Fee$105 $105
Total billed to Columbia account$13,465$13,360$19,345$19,240

*Tuition and fees are subject to approval by the Trustees of Columbia University and may change.

Tuition: The program invoice will be sent via e-bill on June 6th, 2022, and will be due on June 23rd, 2022. It covers tuition, local transportation (waterbus pass), costs related to your classes such as museum admission and excursions, and activities. It does not cover meals, airfare, health insurance, personal travel, and personal expenses.

Housing: All students are required to live in program-arranged housing.

**Document (transcript) Fee: This one-time fee of $105 is charged to new students and is not included in the tuition above. This fee will be included on your e-bill. Barnard students might be charged this fee if they haven’t taken a course at Columbia before.

Deposit: Non-Columbia and Barnard students are required to submit a non-refundable $500 deposit to reserve your place in the program and it will be applied towards your tuition.

Columbia University students do not pay a deposit to reserve your place in the program. However, withdrawing from the program any time after submitting your Confirmation of Participation form will result in a financial penalty of $500 owed to the Center for Undergraduate Global Engagement.

Estimated Out-of-Pocket Expenses are not billed by Columbia. The estimated amounts in this section provide a basis for students to determine their individual budgets for expenses related to their time overseas for the duration of the program. The below estimate is an average of what students say they actually spend. These expenses are NOT paid to the program.




Local Transportation

Books and Course Materials$80
Cell phone$100
Personal Expenses$850
Total Estimated Out-of-Pocket Expenses$3,680

Meals: The cost for meals and food will vary widely depending on individual spending habits. Costs can be kept down by preparing their own meals and only eating out occasionally.

Local Transportation: All students receive a vaparetto (water bus) pass during the orientation which allows them to commute within Venice. Students will be responsible for paying for transportation to and from the airport in Venice at the start and end of the program.

Visa: Since U.S. students do not need a visa to study in Italy for less than 90 days, the majority of students will not need a visa. However, if you are not a U.S. or E.U. citizen, you should check the Italian Consulate website to determine if you need a visa. International students may need a visa, which will incur additional costs.

Books and course supplies: These expenses can include books/photocopies, supplies, etc. for the Italian language classes and Venice and Modernity: Venice in Film course.

Cellphone: All students are required to have a working cell phone capable of making and receiving both local and international calls throughout the duration of the program. You can either activate an international plan on your US phone or purchase an Italian SIM card and use that in a SIM-card ready phone.

Airfare: Estimated cost of round-trip airfare from NYC to Venice. Students are responsible for making their own travel arrangements from their preferred departure city to the program.

Personal Expenses: Personal expenses are highly variable based on each person's spending habits. They may include entertainment and personal travel. Please take your own spending habits and travel plans into consideration when planning for this expense.

As part of the program, you will be covered for urgent and emergent care while you are abroad. This cost is not included in the chart above. Routine and preventive care is not included so you should maintain a health insurance policy that will provide coverage outside the U.S. or your home country.

As you prepare for your time abroad, you might prepare for COVID-related expenses such as optional trip-cancellation insurance, pre-arrival testing and onsite testing not reimbursed by insurance, additional quarantine/isolation room and board expenses if applicable, etc. Requirements will continue to evolve and will vary based on local conditions.