Lives in a Pandemic: Exploring the evolution and intersections between religion, human connectivity, and trust

As a generation of students coming-of-age at a crucial time in our social, academic, and professional lives, we wanted to look at the societal effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are currently developing an interactive website that studies different philosophical topics during the pandemic. Through various research methods, we are compiling viewpoints about religion, human connectivity, and trust in science and government throughout 2020 and extending into the near future. We want to analyze these trends and incorporate them into the broader picture of the pandemic to present it in a scholarly yet accessible way to the general public. We are interviewing scholars, community leaders, artists, and activist, while also measuring public opinion through various polls and surveys. As of now, we are still conducting research, but ultimately we want the website to serve as a sort of time capsule that allows people to see how these big ideas are shifting across our global society and preserve sentiments of the moment for the future.

Team Members:

Berra Akcan, GS’21

Katya Sharma, GS’22

Samuel Shih, GS’23