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Silver Lining: a podcast about East Asia during the pandemic

Through the Global Columbia Collaboratory, our group has been able to explore different aspects of the current pandemic and its impact on our society, economy, politics, and public health. We wanted to merge our various interests by investigating the research that current Columbia graduate students from the East Asian Studies department - as well as other related fields - are conducting.

In our first episode, we talked with Yanjie Huang - a Columbia doctoral student in late imperial and modern Chinese history - about the notion of sacrifice and how it has evolved since the 1960s to present day. In our second episode, we talked with Peter Moody - a Columbia doctoral student in Korean history - about the ideological use of music in North Korea, sports diplomacy between North and South Korea, and North Korea during the pandemic.

We believe that a podcast would be the best medium for us to convey the conversations we have with these graduate students. While we will ask the students about their research, we also plan on specifically honing in on how their research informs their perspective on current affairs. Such topics could include the political, social, and economic implications of the pandemic. We believe that their respective areas of expertise will make for novel insights and stimulating conversation.

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Team Members:

Jasleen Chaggar CC’21

Yanhua Chen GS’21

Jiyoon Moon GS’21