Coordination with Indigenous Government illustration

Coordination with Indigenous Governments: Policy Paper [Summer 2022]

After carefully examining the political, natural, and ecological characteristics of the Amazon region and the causes of its current most important problems that directly contribute to the slow degradation of the ecosystem, this report is meant to serve as an accurate understanding of the issue and to offer sensible policy recommendations. It is expected that various countries will have diverse policies given that the Amazon region links and encompasses the territory of several nations. This occurrence is considered as the most glaring barrier to the original Amazon conservation projects. It is imperative to fully comprehend and uniformize the policies of the many nations and regions around the Amazon basin. The most neglected of these are also the indigenous groups, whose culture should be preserved while preserving the ecosystem.

Numerous international businesses have established operations in the Amazon due to what appears to be an abundance of resources, hence it is crucial to control their operations. International regulatory entities must monitor and restrict violations like the one committed by the aforementioned Canadian mining corporation Belo Sun. At the same time, laws that directly affect people will encourage people to learn about the Amazon. The discoveries of leading environmental and climate scientists can make a remarkable theoretical contribution, but arguably lack of connection to reality, such as the idea of “flying river” and phenomena such as evapotranspiration around Amazon basin, needs to be disseminated to the broader community in order to mobilize a broader movement for environmental protection.

Student Team:
  • “Lochlan” Liyuan Zhang [China - Columbia University - Trinity College Dublin Dual BA Program ‘25]
  • Jessica Cheng [USA - Columbia University - Sciences Po Paris Dual BA Program ‘24]
  • Pablo Torres Rey [Colombia - Columbia University ‘25]
  • María Alejandra Arteaga Álvarez [Colombia - Universidad Nacional de Colombia '25]