Policy Paper

Decreasing Canadian Mining in the Amazon: Policy Paper [Summer 2022]

Our group developed innovative ideas and arguments for seizing and decreasing mining in the Amazon Rainforest. Focused on arguments acknowledging actors’ capabilities for intelligent reasoning as well as arguments advancing citizen responsibility within our inter-connected global world, our group developed suggestions ranging for the need to encourage alternative forms of schooling to frame a youth rebellion to the need to encourage the Canadian government to assume a socio-environmentally engaged leadership in the upcoming time of Ecocide, a crime against the environment considered so violent - both in its systemic organization and the lack of humanity of its actors - that it becomes one of the five gravest crimes of concern to the international community.


Student Team:

  • Ainhoa Petri-Hidalgo [Spain & Germany - Columbia University and Sciences Po Paris Dual BA Program '24]
  • Ana Torres [Columbia - Columbia University '23]
  • Camila Silva [Brazil - University Center CESUPA (Centro Universitário do Estado do Pará) ‘24]
  • Harrison Gerson [USA - Columbia University '25]
  • Victoire Mandonnaud [France - Columbia University '24]