El Ave stamp

El Ave Campaign [Summer 2022]

The El Ave campaign fosters and promotes Amazon’s biodiversity, its systems of sacred waterways and emphasizes the role of its people in regenerative bio-economy that guarantees safe and thoughtful market for the local communities.

Through alliance with Fundación Pachamama, El Ave supports a resilient and innovative model of living based on Buen Vivir principle.

The El Ave stamp highlights and promotes the benefits of local products and could improve the sense of origin of the product and the benefits for health from the consumption of the products and the environmental benefits from the raising process. As we are engaged in making a path for local products to local consumers, the whole campaign will be written in Spanish. The whole campaign focus on the local, products and consumers, and will be intentionally open minded because of the wide range of products that could be sold.

Student Team:

  • Beata Izabella Jimenez [Poland - Columbia School of General Studies]
  • Kadyrbek Turdakunov [Kyrgyzstan - City University of Hong Kong]
  • Guilherme Weiss Niedermayer [Brazil - University of Vale do Taquari-Univates]