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Fundación Pachamama's Ikiama Nukuri Campaign [Summer 2022]

Fundación Pachamama is an ecuadorian NGO responsible for the development of the Ikiama Nukuri project, dedicated to training indigenous women as Community Health Workers that promote maternal and infant healthcare in local indigenous communities. The project's funding consists of donations by the Pachamama Alliance and also individual donors, through crowdfunding campaigns.

The Instagram campaign we have created aims to raise awareness about Fundación Pachamama and the project, and ultimately to raise money for next workshops. This campaign was created to be aligned with World Breastfeeding Week (August 1 - 7, 2022). The main goal of the campaign is to solicit donations through positive storytelling about the project, its participants and successful results of over 2,600 indigenous births assisted by the Community Health Workers involved.

Student Team:

Billy Hughes [USA, Columbia University]

Esther Éles [Brazil, University of São Paulo]

Arielle Hillock [USA, Columbia University/Trinity College Dublin]

Helen Chen [USA, Columbia University]