Amazon watch

Supporting Indigenous Peoples. Protecting the Amazon. [Summer 2022]

The aim of this project was create a media kit able to better inform journalists and the media of Amazon Watch and the meaningful work that they carry out in the Amazon region. The final deliverable was a 3 page media packet for the NGO. The organization will use this packet at important international conferences and events, to spread awareness to journalists and other professionals about the current status of the Amazon region, and the key environmental, political, and economic developments. As a consolidated version of the work that the organization does it will provide an efficient means for spreading information to key persons and groups who are involved in the protection and advocacy for the Amazon region. It also allows the organization to circulate their information, and reports on a much larger, more international scale.

Student Team:

  • Trevor Kodzis [USA - Columbia University '21]
  • Lee Chun [China - University of Hong Kong '19]
  • Elisa Eckstein [Italy - Trinity College Dublin '20]
  • Kumru Taha [USA - Columbia University '19]
  • Sabrina Ramos [Brazil - Universidade Federal do ParĂ¡ '23]