2023 Annual Photo Contest Voting is OPEN!

The UGE staff have selected finalists in the 2023 Annual Photo Contest, and it is now time for round two of judging, which will be open to the public until Monday, October 30th, by 11:59 EST!

Please share the 2023 Annual Photo Contest: VOTE Google Form with friends, family, or anyone you know since they will help us decide who our winners are in each category! You can also copy and paste this link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe3q-g3derxeEqtELsJCRB_FGhIRt7sB-j9ux0Tf_FIuqEXxg/viewform?usp=sf_link

Please consider our criteria when judging these finalists:

  • Highlights the photo contest category in a direct or abstract way
  • Showcases a quality photo, which takes into consideration the technical aspects of the photo, which may or may not include: lighting, clarity, composition etc.,
  • Demonstrates respect for the host culture
  • Evokes some form of emotion when the photo is viewed

We will be sharing these photos on our Instagram page (@columbiaundergradglobal), so make sure to check us out or reshare our stories!

We wish the best of luck to our finalists in this final round, and we are excited to have your help to decide who our winners are in each category!

If you submitted a photo and don't see it on the Google Form, it may have been submitted into our Lottery Category. Keep an eye out when winners are announced during the week of November 1st, 2023. Good luck!