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The SIT Chile: Cultural Identity, Social Justice, and Community Development program examines the political history of Chile in a contemporary cultural context. You will learn about Chile's political and social history and how Chileans reconcile with this past to create a more equitable and culturally inclusive society. In order to participate, you need to complete a minimum of 3 semesters of Spanish, or the equivalent, prior to departure.


This program combines topical seminars and discussions with field-based learning around the themes of cultural identity, social justice, and community development. You will take courses that focus on the following themes, Culture and Society in Contemporary Chile, Socioeconomic Development in Chile, Spanish for Social and Cultural Studies, Research Methods and Ethics, and Independent Study Project (ISP).

The ISP gives you the unique opportunity to apply what you have learned over the semester in an independent field-based research project supervised by a local adviser.

Program Features

Due to the mobile nature of the program, you will live in both homestays and hostels, private homes, or small hotels. The homestay in Valparaíso or Viña del Mar will last for several weeks, while the homestay in more rural areas is just a few days in length to get a glimpse into domestic life in both urban and rural areas.

SIT strongly believes in learning through experience, and therefore you will participate in several educational excursions to locations such as Santiago, Arica, or Temuco, among others.


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Application Instructions

To apply, you must complete the two steps below. Deadlines vary, and some applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Therefore, you should complete the steps below simultaneously:

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