Advising for Non-Columbia Students

The Columbia-Led Programs staff is always pleased to speak with non-Columbia students looking to participate on our programs. It is never too early to reach out to begin your study abroad adventure!

You should always also confirm with your home school study abroad office that you can apply credit from a Columbia-Led Program to your academics at home.

Home School Study Abroad Advising

Your home school's study abroad staff will help you navigate rules and processes specific to your school. They will have an understanding of how students have used their study abroad experiences to enhance their college experience and how courses taken abroad might contribute to your major or concentration. They may also organize information sessions, pre-departure meetings, and other events.

You will also want to have discussions about your plans to study abroad with your major/concentration adviser, your financial aid adviser, and anyone who you might see regularly through your home school's Health Services.

Columbia-Led Programs

It is encouraged and appropriate to reach out to Columbia-Led Programs advisers (specific program advisers are also listed on each program page) or peer advisers for information on the specific program you've chosen. The adviser knows the program well and can answer most questions that you will have about the various aspects of the program as well as guide you through the admissions and pre-departure processes.