Annual Office of Global Programs Photo Contest

Congratulations to the following Annual Global Programs Photo Contest winners:

  • Grand Prize Winner: "Torii Gateway in Kobe, Japan": Justin Yeh, Yale'19, Kyoto Consortium for Japanese Studies (KCJS)
  • Cultures, Customs & Traditions: "Writing Verses Before the Rain" in Beijing, China: Bridget Donovan, GS'19, Columbia Summer in Beijing: Chinese Language
  • Lions Abroad: "Roar Lion Roar" in Jujuy, Argentina: Gabriela Morales, CC'19, IFSA: Buenos Aires Argentine Universities Program
  • Landscapes – Natural or Urban: "Blues" at Mount Cook, New Zealand: Gabrielle FitzGerald, CC'19, IFSA: University of Sydney
  • "Out of My Comfort Zone": "Castle in the Sky" in Kyoto, Japan: Joey Ye, Yale'19, Kyoto Consortium for Japanese Studies (KCJS)
  • Free for All: "Peekaboo" in Mpala Research Center, Kenya: Jason Hagani, CC'19, Columbia in Kenya

All finalist photos can also be viewed below.

Free For All
Cultures, Customs & Traditions
Out of My Comfort Zone
Lions Abroad