Enhance your educational experience through studying abroad.

There are few things more satisfying and reassuring than grappling with the challenges of study abroad and emerging victorious.

Isa de la Torre CC'20

I strongly recommend those interested in studying abroad to consider spending a full year in Berlin. With the second semester, I was able to leverage the experience, knowledge, and improvement in language abilities acquired in the first.

John S. Lillegard University of Pennsylvania’16

"Crucially, my time in Venice reaffirmed that art history was what I wanted to pursue as a major."

Alex Foo GS'21

Pick a city that you can get to know in a few months and be able to differentiate between a city that you'd like to vacation to and a city that you actually want to live in.

Eshan Agarwal, SEAS'19

"In my experience, there are definitely ways to continue pursuing your passions and extracurricular activities while you are abroad-- and all of them are worth it."

Heather Heimbach CC'20

...we have to get sore before we get strong, and I came out of the experience much more conscious of my place, and responsibility, in the world as an American than before.

Emilie Biggs CC'21

Returning to Paris from Cannes, I was distinctly aware that I would never have another experience like this one. Truth be told, my entire time spent at Reid Hall was full of adventures as extraordinary as this one, full of people and places that changed me for the better.

Hampton Adams BC'18

"My courses allowed me to explore a 1,000 year old city, steeped with historical locales, religious sites, and traditions. After school, my friends and I were able to enjoy modern aspects of Kyoto, like wandering through the shopping district or singing karaoke."

Sinai Cruz CC'18

I am grateful to BCGS, as the year I spent in Berlin has academically and socially prepared my life after college.

Metin Turgut, Williams '16

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