Graduate Students

Graduate students are welcome on most Columbia-Led programs, as long as their department supports participation. Studying on one of Columbia's summer programs can be an excellent way for graduate students to rapidly increase their facility in other languages and enjoy courses that may be applied towards their degree requirements.

If you are interested in applying to Columbia-Led summer program, please be certain to consult with your Director of Graduate Studies in your home department determine any relevant restrictions.

What is Research?

Research can be defined as an investigation or study of particular materials, subject matter, or sources, in order to establish facts or otherwise contribute to a discipline, area, question, or theme.

Research Opportunities with Faculty

A listing of currently available research opportunities for undergraduates with Columbia faculty.

Finding a Faculty Mentor

Faculty members have spent many years conducting research, and are well-placed to guide you as you begin exploring research possibilities.

Finding Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Are you looking for a research project? Are you considering postgraduate degrees in the U.S. or abroad?

Types of Research Opportunities

Different opportunities exist to engage in research over the course of the academic year and during the summer.