Transcripts and Credit

See below for the general transfer credit policies dependent on the type of study abroad program.

Columbia-Led Programs

If you completed a Columbia-Led Program, you do not need to do anything further for general credit, except fill out an evaluation form. Your courses and grades will appear in SSOL once received.

Columbia-Approved Programs

All students that complete a Columbia-Approved Program must obtain a School of Record Transcript after completion of the study abroad experience. In many cases, the School of Record for many of the Columbia-Approved Programs is recognized as a different institution than the one that you studied at for the semester, summer or academic year. Common examples include:

  • Tulane University as the School of Record for CIEE Programs
  • University of Minnesota as the School of Record for DIS - Study Abroad in Scandinavia
  • Butler University as the School of Record for IFSA-Butler Programs

This is common practice in the field of international education and is a requirement for credits to be transferred to Columbia University as general transfer credit.

In order to have credits transferred upon your return, please complete the following steps:

Have your study abroad transcript sent to:

Center for Undergraduate Global Engagement
606 Kent Hall, MC 3948
1140 Amsterdam Avenue
New York, NY 10027 USA

Secondly, you will need to complete two evaluations:

  • Third-party provider or exchange university evaluation
  • UGE evaluation

Many third-party program providers will not release transcripts until you complete the evaluation form. You will receive instructions a few weeks after studying abroad about the UGE evaluation.

Major Credit

Once you have been awarded general credit, you must connect with your Director of Undergraduate Studies or major department adviser to discuss potentially satisfying any major requirements. You may be required to show syllabi, papers or other work that you have from overseas.