Cultural Awareness

It is very important to begin thinking about how you will adjust to your new overseas environment. To do so, you should try to learn as much as possible about your global experience location as well as consider learning about the process of cultural adjustment. Below are some resources that will help guide you as you begin this process.

Resources for Obtaining Information about Cultural Awareness:

  • Reach out to your Center for Undergraduate Global Engagement adviser. They may be able to provide you with resources, guides, websites or publications that may help as you begin to understand the culture you will be living in.

  • Connect with Center for Undergraduate Global Engagement Peer Advisers to learn more about their own experience living and studying in a new culture.

  • Cultural Iceberg Model: Explore a theoretical concept of culture to understand what a deeper analysis of culture will reveal.

  • Many students that have returned from abroad have confirmed that they experienced aspects of culture shock. Learn more about the Stages of Cultural Adjustment to prepare for this reality.

  • Explore the Destination Guides on Diversity Abroad to learn detailed information about specific locations/cultures.