As an undergraduate student from Columbia College, Columbia Engineering or the School of General Studies, you are able to connect with an adviser to learn about opportunities to study abroad during your time at Columbia University.

The Center for Undergraduate Global Engagement (UGE) is on a hybrid schedule and all staff may not be on campus every day. You may contact a specific member of our staff or email with general questions. Students can schedule a virtual advising appointment by reaching out to an adviser. Students can also attend a Study Abroad First Steps with no appointment (see below for more information).

For updates related to COVID-19 and Columbia, please visit the Covid-19 Resource Guide for the Columbia Community.

Study Abroad First Steps

At Study Abroad First Steps, Columbia students have the chance to speak with an adviser one-on-one for 15 minutes. It is an opportunity to: discuss your interests or general questions related to studying abroad, program selection, as well as receive additional resources about next steps in the process. No appointments are needed! Instead, please just log into your Columbia account and join us on Zoom during the times listed below. These are one-on-one virtual walk-in hours, so you may be placed in a Zoom waiting room for a few minutes since these advising sessions are first come first served.

All students who sign in for a first steps session are automatically added to the UGE listserv so they can stay up to date for all UGE events and deadlines.

If you are unable to attend, please contact an adviser to set up an appointment. If you are in need of clearance (approval) to study abroad, please make an appointment with your respective adviser directly.

Study Abroad First Steps Sessions:

See UGE Calendar

Study Abroad Appointments

Make an appointment with an adviser for a Study Abroad Appointment to discuss your specific interests in studying abroad, get program-specific questions answered, as well as learn about the application process.

Columbia Academic Year/Semester Study Abroad Approval

Each Columbia school has a designated study abroad contact who advises and approves students interested in spending a semester abroad. These advisers understand the unique requirements and needs of Columbia students in the various undergraduate schools and can support you throughout your time planning and preparing to go abroad. It is never too early to connect with them.


Meet with your study abroad adviser in the Center for Undergraduate Global Engagement for clearance (approval) to study abroad.


Kate Strzalkowski, Assistant Dean of Students
403 Lewisohn
To schedule an appointment, please complete a special advisor request form on the GS Portal.


A clearance form is available in your UGE account for approval to study abroad. The form will need to be signed by your CSA Advising Dean and your UGE Adviser.

Study Abroad Advisers

Fay Ju

Office hours by appointment. Please email to schedule.

Scott Carpenter

To make a virtual appointment, please email the adviser directly with your availability. 

Allie Rubinowitz

Adviser for the Columbia-Led programs listed below.  Adviser for Columbia-Approved Semester programs in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, the Middle East, and Continental Europe.