As an undergraduate student from Columbia College, Columbia Engineering or the School of General Studies, you are able to meet with an adviser to learn about opportunities to study abroad during your time at Columbia University.

2020 Fall and 2020-21 Academic Year CU-Approved Students Seeking Clearance/Approval: If you are not able to make an appointment with the respective adviser, please attend a UGE CU-Approved Study Abroad Clearance meeting during one of the following times in 606 Kent Hall. Please note that these are on a walk-in basis, so we appreciate your patience upon arrival:

Friday, March 6th: 3pm - 4pm

Monday, March 9th: 2:30pm - 4pm

For any approvals needed for a CU-Led semester or academic-year program (i.e. Columbia in Paris, Columbia in London, KCJS, BCGS), please reach out to the respective program manager.

Study Abroad First Steps

At Study Abroad First Steps, you have the chance to speak with an adviser one-on-one for 15 minutes. It is an opportunity to: discuss your interests or general questions related to studying abroad, program selection, as well as receive additional resources about next steps in the process. No appointments are needed! Instead, just come by during the times listed below.

Monday - Friday: 2:00pm - 3:00pm

Study Abroad First Steps begin on the first day of classes and end on the last day of classes for each term. If you would like to connect with an adviser when classes are not held (i.e. during reading days, finals, the summer term etc.) please do not hesitate to email an adviser directly.

If you are in need of clearance (approval) to study abroad, please make an appointment with your respective adviser directly.

Study Abroad Appointments

Make an appointment with an adviser for a Study Abroad Appointment to discuss your specific interests in studying abroad, get program-specific questions answered, as well as learn about the application process.

Columbia Academic Year/Semester Study Abroad Approval

Each Columbia school has a designated study abroad contact who advises and approves students interested in spending a semester abroad. These advisers understand the unique requirements and needs of Columbia students in the various undergraduate schools and can support you throughout your time planning and preparing to go abroad. It is never too early to connect with them.


Meet with your study abroad adviser in the Center for Undergraduate Global Engagement for clearance (approval) to study abroad.


Kate Strzalkowski, Assistant Dean of Students
403 Lewisohn
Email Dean Strzalkowski directly for walk-in hours


A clearance form is available in your UGE account for approval to study abroad. The form will need to be signed by your CSA Advising Dean and your UGE Adviser.

Study Abroad Advisers

Scott Carpenter

Adviser for the Columbia College Oxbridge Scholars program. 


Jill Burya

Adviser for Columbia-Led SEE-U Jordan and SEE-U New York City in addition to Columbia-Approved Semester and Summer Study Abroad Programs in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, multi-country programs as well as language programs in Europe.  

Laura Schiff

Adviser for Columbia-Approved Semester and Summer Study Abroad Programs in Australia & New Zealand, Ireland, United Kingdom and other English-speaking programs in Europe. 

Make an appointment

If there are no times on the appointment calendar that work with your schedule, please email Laura at with blocks of time that you are available.