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A lending system of electronic devices for low-income high school students in Lima and Bogotá that aims to give them access to virtual education.

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Silver Lining is a podcast that offers nuanced conversations about East Asian societies in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. With the expertise of graduate students, we hope to make the world of academia more accessible and less esoteric to find the silver lining.

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what IF is an interactive fiction anthology aiming to capture the Covid-19 pandemic’s multifaceted impact on different parts of the world. The four short stories utilize interactivity to heighten audience immersion and cultivate a sense of global empathy.

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We created advocacy and educational resources to help low-income parents of children who are virtually learning in New York City, as well as a survey to better understand their specific needs for this academic year.

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Columbia Health Nexus partners with healthcare workers around the world in an attempt to understand their lives and their patients’ lives during the pandemic. Based on interviews we conducted with healthcare workers and patients around the world, Health Nexus created an interactive analysis of interview transcriptions and plans to publish a graphic novel representing their stories.