photo in Ghana

This project built on World Vision Ghana’s menstrual hygiene management efforts in West Gonja and we provided girls with enough materials to make up to 5 additional washable pads to make a meaningful intervention in their lives.

breastfeeding week

The campaign aims to promote awareness about Fundación Pachamama's Ikiama Nukuri project and maternal health in indigenous populations through a social media campaign during World Breastfeeding Week 2022.

Policy Paper

Our policy paper presents arguments to support the mission of the organization and the indigenous representatives that will lead the conversation with the Canadian public and stakeholders with the purpose of seizing and decreasing mining in the Amazon Rainforest.

Amazon watch

The project consisted of creating a media kit, showing the goals and objectives of the NGO Amazon Watch through the creation of a didactic infographic for journalists who want to know more about the NGO and adhere to its purpose: the maintenance of native peoples and ecosystems in the Amazon region.

9 Pathways

This is an infographic which summarizes the 9 solution pathways from the Amazon Bioregional Plan and the Amazon 2041 vision of the Sacred Headwaters NGO in Ecuador and Peru. This infographic is mainly targeted at journalists, stakeholders, interested investors, and possible NGO partners, in hopes of getting more engagement and support with the Amazon Sacred Headwaters initiative.

Coordination with Indigenous Government illustration

We wrote a policy paper to support the communications, organizing and policy work of the NGO GAIA Amazonas that examines the political, natural, and ecological characteristics of the Amazon region and the causes of its current most important problems that directly contribute to the slow degradation of the ecosystem.

El Ave stamp

The El Ave campaign is a part of an awareness initiative of the Amazon region. Its goal is to strengthen the conservatory efforts of the NGO Fundación Pachamama while promoting sustainable livelihoods of indigenous people and local communities. We propose to do this by creating a stamp that producers could use to show their product is produced by sustainable and local means.

Tree seedling for reforestation in the Amazon region
This zine promotes the mission of the NGO Ecoporé and startup Meu Pé de Árvore, which supports indigenous autonomy, biodiversity, and sustainable reforestation in the Amazon region through planting native trees. This zine aims to reach English-speaking viewers around the world, provide a sense of connection to the Amazon, and inspire them to donate.
Cover Photo of Columbia Health Nexus Project

Using a wealth of information gathered with interviews conducted in 2021, Health Nexus will produce a one page composition that will serve as the basis for a graphic novel. The one page composition will garner interest and develop the story for a full length graphic novel that will be produced at a later time.

Cover Photo of Sylvie to the Rescue! Children's Book

Sylvie to the Rescue! Ocean Pollution and Activism: Children's Book is a project that aims to demonstrate the damage being done to our oceans by ocean pollution, both by physical litter and chemicals.