Public Humanities

Students in the Public Humanities virtual program, in collaboration with The Global Columbia Collaboratory, worked on creating an online exhibition regarding the struggle against the Greek dictatorship.

Bio-Guardians Comic Book [Fall 2023]

Students created a short graphic comic that will help Kenya Biogas teach young children.

Digitizing Resources for Farmers

Students created an interactive, low-data, smartphone optimized digital version of this manual.

Digital Community Building

Collab students build a repeatable and customizable website template for local community organizations.

Food Sovereignty Website and Funding Proposal

Students collaborated with G-BiACK to write a funding proposal for sustainable agriculture training programs that empower local communities.

Grant Proposal for Seed Sovereignty

Collab students created a pitch deck for G-BiACK to use in grant proposals.

Youth Empowerment Outreach and Grant Proposal

Collab students designed outreach posters to raise community awareness about the Youth Empowerment Classes.

Youth Empowerment Grant Proposal

Collab students worked with G-BiACK to write a grant proposal to raise funds for their Youth Empowerment programs.

SEO and Web Presence Optimization

Students did a major overhaul of the NGO’s google profile and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of the website

Social Media Resources for Community Building

Students created a suite of reusable community organizing resources.