Cover Photo of Sylvie to the Rescue! Children's Book

Sylvie to the Rescue! Ocean Pollution and Activism: Children's Book is a project that aims to demonstrate the damage being done to our oceans by ocean pollution, both by physical litter and chemicals.

Cover Photo of Sustainable U + app interface

Sustainable U provides a platform equipping users to learn about, participate in, and create SDG-related initiatives on campus, simultaneously fostering a sense of community across the university system.

Cover Photo of Time Machine: An Educational Board Game Project

Time Machine: An Educational Board Game is an educational board game, as it name suggests, created in order to help educators or teachers to bring fun and entertainment to their students. The hope is that this board game can bridge students to knowledge worldwide. The aim of this project is for middle to high school educators in order to bring entertainment to their classroom environment.

Cover Photo of Stop School Bullying Project

Storytelling in comics: Stop School Bullying! is a project that makes a series of e-comic stories that can be read on mobile phones to stop bullying among high school students. It hopes to use e-comics to tell memorable stories that let people empathize with Victim's situations and Bullies, Bystanders, and Victims reconsider their behaviors.

Stop School Bullying Logo

ARTIN NYC is a free platform that digitalizes arts galleries to help artists, specifically who identify themselves as women and LGBTQ+.

Logo for Seeds for Success

Seeds for Success fosters awareness about nutrition and cultivates ownership and sustainability skills in elementary school students.

Buy Black Columbia Logo

We are working on a social media campaign that is committed to highlighting Black-owned businesses in the communities surrounding Columbia in the face of racial injustice.

Landing Page for Presentation

We are creating a website that looks at the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on different philosophical aspects of our global society. Subtopics include religion and spirituality, human connectivity, and trust in science and government during the pandemic.

Plant and Title Page

We worked on developing a lesson transcript linking climate change, COVID-19, and environmental justice for middle school students. We aimed to transform how schools approach climate change by implementing environmental education into the curricula.

Drawing of storybook picture

We are writing a children’s storybook (aged 6 to 9) that explores the intersection between anti-Asian racism and COVID-19.