2022 Annual Photo Contest Winners!

Congratulations to our 2022 Annual Photo Contest Winners & Finalists! Check out their photo submission here!

The Grand Prize Winners for the contest are below:

  1. Lions Abroad: Laura Fairlamb | Summer 2022 | Wadi Rum, Jordan | FLAS Fellowship / Global Columbia Collaboratory Participant

  2. Landscapes and Cityscapes: Alan Chen | Summer 2022 | Paris, France | Columbia Summer in Paris

  3. Cultures, Customs, and Traditions: John Nguyen | Spring 2022 | Kenya, Africa | Columbia in Kenya

  4. "Out of My Comfort Zone": Harrison Gerson | Summer 2022 | Berlin, Germany | FUBiS: Freie Universitaet Berlin International Summer

  5. Free for All: Gary Mayta-Lizarraga | Summer 2022 | Paris, France | Columbia Summer Core in Paris: Art Humanities and Music Humanities

  6. Lottery: Jennifer Chen | Summer 2022 | Columbia Summer Research Practicum in Global Behavioral Science (GLOBES)

Interested in participating next year? Please visit our Annual Photo Contest page for more information about eligibility and how to submit.