Clearance Deadline:

Please refer to the deadline set on the respective program webpage, as they vary by study abroad program. Generally speaking, program deadlines abide by the following schedule:

Mid-September to Early October

  • To study abroad during the spring semester

Early-February to mid-March

  • To study abroad during the fall or academic year

Mid-March to Early April

  • To study abroad during the summer term
    • If you are interested in participating on programs outside of our Columbia-Led summer opportunities, please complete a SUMMER Petition | Columbia-Approved application by its stated deadline. You are strongly encouraged to consult with the listed UGE Adviser

Please note though that some programs may be well in advance of the general timelines listed above, so it is important that you refer to the deadline listed on the program webpage.

For Columbia-Led Programs, the clearance deadline listed on the program webpage is the same as the application deadline.

For Columbia-Approved Programs, the clearance (approval) deadline may be different than the third-party provider (i.e. SIT, IFSA-Butler, CIEE) deadline. Please make sure to note both deadlines.