Summer Study Abroad


There are many benefits to summer study abroad. Some of the most common benefits include:

  • not missing a semester on-campus (including various student groups, athletic team events, and internship opportunities that you may be pursuing);
  • the opportunity to focus on one skill intensively, such as language.

Summer study abroad can be a wonderful complement to your time at Columbia. However, there are several considerations to keep in mind:

  • If you are a Columbia College or School of General Studies student not participating in a Columbia-Led Program, you typically can only take courses that are either language immersion courses or courses specifically related to your major/concentration that have an in situ component.
  • Summer programs generally only include study abroad students, rather than classes with local students.
  • Financial aid follows the same rules as it does in the United States. For Columbia College and Columbia Engineering students, summer financial aid is not awarded. School of General Studies students should meet with the General Studies Office of Educational Financing, as they may be eligible for summer financial aid. There may be more applicable fellowship and scholarship opportunities.
  • All programs listed on the Columbia-Led Programs are eligible for Columbia University credit. Please note that should you wish to attend a study abroad program run by faculty not on this the Columbia-Led Programs webpage that it will be important to check with the faculty member to determine if and how credit is awarded for that respective program.

Finding and Choosing a Program

Please visit our program search page and filter your search by term in order to find currently approved summer program options. If the programs listed do not meet your needs, please review how to Petition a Program.

Eligibility for Summer Study Abroad

Please see our Eligibility page for guidelines on studying abroad in the summer.

Financial Considerations

Please see our Financial Considerations page for more information.


Check each program deadline to ensure you apply on time, as they may vary. If you are applying for a Columbia-approved program, you also need to abide by the clearance deadline set by the Center for Undergraduate Global Engagement.

Other Summer Opportunities

Study abroad is only one option for summer opportunities. Review the resources below for additional information:

Fellowships: The fellowships office can advise you on a number of summer funding opportunities for not only study abroad, but conducting independent research, and internships.

Center for Career Education (CCE): The Center for Career Education is a wonderful resource for both domestic and international internship opportunities.