COVID and Contingency Planning

As we emerge from the global pandemic with the tools and resources that allow us as a community to return to regular activities, UGE continues to monitor the situation abroad in line with University Travel Guidance. The University travel guidance page has helpful advice you should follow in addition to the information below.

Circumstances can change at any time due to Covid or other reasons, leading to potential travel disruptions and/or restrictions. We have put some recommendations below to help you plan for your time abroad.

Airline Ticket Purchases & Program Related Expenditures

Please understand any financial commitments you are making and if they are refundable. Examples include plane flights, program deposits, and visa fees. You could consider purchasing travel insurance. You should not expect to be reimbursed for airline tickets or other program-related expenses should the program be modified or canceled.

Entry & Exit Requirements

We encourage all participants to monitor all host country entry and exit requirements, which include necessary visa or COVID-19 vaccine documentation. You can also use the ISOS COVID Trip Planner and relevant U.S. Department of State country-specific websites, given that travelers are required to book their own travel.


For all students participating in Columbia-Led or Columbia-Approved programs, it is a requirement of enrollment to fully comply with the Columbia vaccine and booster mandate without exceptions.

Given that outbreaks may occur at any given time and in any location, there may be public health guidelines currently in place, or that will be put in place that restrict access to program facilities and public spaces while onsite. Being compliant with the vaccine policy offers protection against likely future variants and decreases the risk of infection, thus, protecting others around you.

The University reserves the right to cancel participation in any study abroad programs if conditions in the host country change.