2023 Annual Photo Contest Winners!

Congratulations to our Winners in the 2023 Annual Photo Contest! Take a look at all the incredible experiences our students had while abroad. Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest! Check out all the Finalists here!

The Grand Prize Winners for the contest are below:

  1. Cultures, Customs, and Traditions: Esther Mafouta, CC'24 | Spring 2023 | CIEE South Africa: Arts and Sciences in Cape Town | Spending time at the Boma Restaurant, a touristic yet traditional Zimbabwean restaurant in Victoria Falls

  2. Free for All: Indigo Parlin, CC'24 | Spring 2023 | Columbia in Paris: English Program | Opulence in the veins of Palais Garnier in Paris

  3. Landscapes and Cityscapes: Linnea Hopkins-Ekdahl, CC'24 | Spring 2023 | CIEE Czech Republic: Film Studies in Prague | Winter in Prague

  4. Lions Abroad: MeiMei Graber, CC'24 | Summer 2023 | Columbia Summer Core in Paris: Art Humanities and Music Humanities | Enjoying a Parisian picnic with friends

  5. Lottery: Lilienne Kilgore-Brown, CC'24 | Spring 2023 | Middlebury in Madrid | Rainbow in Dublin while visiting the Sandymount Strand

  6. "Out of My Comfort Zone": Timothy Louis Simmons III, SEAS'25 | Spring 2023 | IFSA in New Zealand: University of Auckland | First time skydiving in Taupō, New Zealand (as a disclaimer, skydiving is a high-risk activity; please be aware of your health insurance coverage while abroad)

Interested in participating next year? Please visit our Annual Photo Contest page for more information about eligibility and how to submit.