Summer 2024 Funding Opportunities

The Center for Undergraduate Global Engagement (UGE) is pleased to announce the Global Learning Scholarships (GLS) to help students fund their participation in a global learning opportunity this summer.

The GLS:

  • May fund a portion of the program tuition charges or be provided as a stipend that covers out-of-pocket expenses.
  • May cover work exemption to replace the student contribution for financial aid recipients during the academic year following the summer program.


You are eligible for the Global Learning Scholarships (GLS) if you are a Columbia College, Columbia Engineering, or General Studies student who demonstrates financial need. Please note that all other students are not eligible for the GLS.

The following Columbia-Led summer programs are eligible for the Global Learning Scholarships:

To Apply

Students apply for the Global Learning Scholarship (GLS) and the Columbia-Led summer program with two separate applications through the Center for Undergraduate Global Engagement (UGE).

  • Scholarship applications are due: February 15, 2024 (closes at 11:59 pm EST)
  • GLS applicants must also submit a completed program application by the program application deadline OR no later than the following: February 15, 2024 (closes at 11:59 pm EST)

Students will be notified of the GLS awards before they need to submit deposits to confirm participation in the programs. Applying for a GLS does not impact admissions decisions to the program.

Learn More

Want to learn more? See the GLS website and join a Study Abroad First Steps meeting to speak with a UGE Adviser -- no appointments needed!