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BCGS was a challenge in all the best ways possible. We were pushed outside our comfort zones, but the triumph and sense of accomplishment we felt afterwards, was perhaps the most rewarding part of all.

Tiana Stute BC'15

"In my experience, there are definitely ways to continue pursuing your passions and extracurricular activities while you are abroad-- and all of them are worth it."

Heather Heimbach CC'20

"Beyond the language component, the classes I took through BCGS exposed me to topics and intellectual discussions that fascinate and engage me to this day."

Christopher D. Clark, Vassar '18

"Classes were totally different in Denmark, much more team based, hands-on, and practical, with many presentations and projects thrown in as well - it was great to experience and benefit from a new style of learning."

Theodora Davis CC'17

As we strive to engineer for humanity, we must remember that technologies we build don’t exist in vacuums. They have an outsized impact on users often out of sight and often out of mind. An empathy of people both from and beyond our lived experiences is a necessity in our increasingly interconnected world. Sometimes, all it takes is a new river to start seeing things with a new view.

Aurnov Chattopadhyay SEAS'21

Seek out resources and get involved, it’ll make the time you spend abroad far more interesting, and more than likely connect you with some wonderful people who know the city much better than you do.

Colin Murphy Tufts '20

Spending time in Athens, Nafplio, and the island of Syros, I was able to delve deeper into my academic passion of Art History, while also learning about other disciplines, and gaining new friendships and cultural understanding.

Owen Monroe CC'20

"Academics in Melbourne were different from Columbia, both in content and structure. One of the most interesting academic experiences was seeing how students and educators spoke about and viewed the USA -- particularly because America came up a lot in my classes."

Aaron Smithson CC'19

My time in Paris was a truly incredible, once-in-a-lifetime experience. I was able to take classes that seamlessly transferred to the Core curriculum and towards my degree, while making close friends and living my best Parisian life. I really believe that every student should do a study abroad program, to continue to push themselves out of their comfort zones and into new areas of interest. Overall, I’ll look back on those months in Paris as the best decision I could have made at Columbia.

Megan Howard GS'20

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